Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Blog Like Me?

I was noticing while I was at work the other day, that I would much rather write a blog while I was on the clock and it is not in my job description. I did restrain myself, and that is a good thing. That blog would have ended up sounding like the me after I eat seven corn dogs at Sonic. I have a coupon 2 for $0.99. Mmmm, Tums.

One thing I have noticed about other peoples blogs is they like to use the word "muse" or "musings".

Dan's Ideological Oasis:Daily musings of a high school janitor.

Ladies Welcome:The musings of Leonard Nimoy.

Just because you think you know the definition of the word musing, doesn't mean I want to read your blog. Musings doesn't make your blog sound more appealing. To the contrary, if you put the word musing in the subtitle of your blog, I'm moving on. Because unless you are talking to an imaginary audience, you sad individual, then STOP IT. Musings is not cool.

Just call it what it is.

Captain Dan's Blog o' Crap:Some dude saying dull unimportant crap.

Ladies Welcome:Ladies don't know who Leonard Nimoy is, and that is a sad thing.

I live by this philosophy. Get their expectations low, and keep em' there. If they're reading your blog, great! But watch out should you actually write something witty or half way meaningful. Cause then they come to expect it.

Write about the time you and your frat buddy got drunk and puked all over this fly girl you was "takin' wit." Are you sure you want to call that musing?

A person who goes around looking for a blog to read with musing in the title, isn't going to want to hear about the McMuffin eating contest you won. But a guy who stops and sees BLOG O' CRAP, should be all over that kind of stuff.

I will leave you with this bit of wisdom. "Make an ass of yourself." That way, when people laugh at you, you will think it is because your funny.


Amanda said...



Norton G said...

I want to make sure that any blog I write about you, does you justice.

Will said...
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Will said...

(I deleted the last post because I realized it was just me musing. I meant to pontificate.)

Norton G said...

Pontificate all you want. But you have to clean up after.