Monday, September 11, 2006

What in the Name of Pete Sampras

That is what I said on Sunday!

The Tampa Bay Bucs got there ass kicked all up and down their own stadium yesterday. "What in the name of Pete Sampras is going on?" This was going to be Simms (QB) year. We didn't make any bad off-season changes that would effect us in such a negative manner, did we? The Ravens were slapping Chris Simms passes all over the field. Our defense did ok, but when your offense puts no points on the board and they allow the defense to return an interception for a touchdown, there is really nothing you can do. I think Simms had 3 INT's.

Even more bad news in my fantasy group. This week I played against Nesto, who is a major Atlanta Falcons fan. His first four draft picks were all Falcons. It is a well known fact that people who draft a lot of players from their favorite team don't do well. That is unless you are playing against me. Vick had a projected score of 6, and he posted 16. His WR Jenkins projected 2 and scored 9. The Atlanta defense projected 8 and posted 15.

All of this while my QB Carson Palmer was projected at 17 and scored -2. NEGATIVE! "What in the name of Pete Sampras?"

Next week doesn't look that great for the TB Bucs. We are on the road in Atlanta. A game that Nesto is going to. We better win because I don't want to feel the wrath of Nesto!

On the upside, in the Survival group I am in (you only pick one team to win, and if they lose you are out) Nesto picked the Bucs as his pick and is out, while myself and my sister are the only ones still alive. My thanks go out to Philly for not blowing their game against the Texans.

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