Thursday, June 15, 2006

Expectations and Disappointment

"No quote for you!" said Fedge.

Next week the newest of superhero movies comes out, Superman Returns. I have very high expectations for Brian Singer's latest film. I MEAN BIG! If you have read my blog you know that I really liked the last X-Men movie. While most of the professional critics ripped the film apart with true statements about real issues that the film actually had. I agreed with most of thier comments, but I still enjoyed it none the less. The reason was because my expectations were so low. Allow me to illustrate using MS Paint!

I would put my expectations for X-Men 3 at 6. What I got was an 7. A six means I think the movie won't be very good but I will enjoy it none the less. A 7 means that the movie was good. I went in expecting a 6, got a 7, and there for it felt like an 8. Get it? Yeah, neither do I.

But I digress. What I am expecting from Superman Returns is a 9. Pretty lofty. So the only way that I will leave the theatre satisfied is if I get a nine or a ten.

Now you may ask the question, "Why don't you just go in to every movie expecting a one? Then you will like almost every movie you see!" You answered you own question. I went to see Doom. The film adaptation of a gory video game. I expected a 4 and got a 3. Needless to say I was disappointed. Do you realize how embarrassing it would be to tell everyone I know that I liked Doom? I can see it now.

"Hey Jeff, what did you think of Blade 7?"

"Oh I loved it, I like how they picked Chris Tucker to fill in for Wesley Snipes as Blade!"


"Yo Jeffro, How did you feel about Stay?"

"I really enjoyed how they made it so you couldn't follow the story."

or even...

"Hey J, I just saw Teletubbies take on the Nazi's in 3-D! I know you had to like that!"

"YEAH! Hitler never saw Tinkie Winkie coming!"

Do you see how this could become a problem? If I said every movie was good, then no one would respect my opinion on a movie. Not that they do now. Although, that Teletubbies/Nazi movie does sound pretty good.

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