Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Other Christmas Gift!

It's Christmas morning. I get up, turn on the Christmas lights, and light the candles. I wake my wife up saying, "It's Christmas, lets get going." I know she will take a few moments to get out of bed.

I go to the computer and log on to my fantasy group. I am in a game I have every intention of losing at. The person I am playing is arrogant and cocky (he is also a good friend). The kind of person you take pleasure in defeating at a meaningless game. If I win, I go to the championship game. If I lose, I go to play in the Preparation H Bowl.

In my fantasy group, they have what they call "Smack Talk". A two sentence blurb that you can edit to, well, talk smack. I was relevied to log on and see his smack talk, "No profanity can express my anger right now. This is the worst Christmas ever."

I was winning 60-40! I have never enjoyed ruining someones day, much less Christmas, but dang that felt good.

I know that I most likely will lose in the final game against "The Meat Spinners". Mainly because we got into a huge who is gay insult contest. I feel I made him feel more gay than he made me feel. That's why I think I won't win this Sunday. But at the same time, I have beat "The Meat Spinners" every time I have played him this year. I got that going for me.

If I win, it will be the biggest sports achievement I have ever been a part of since I won back to back national titles in NCAA Football 2007 for the XBOX.


Shane Lancaster said...

If you read this then you are gay.

Norton G. Francenstien said...

If you read this then you are g... AW CRAP!