Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Sister: The Fantasy Pimp

Let's say that you invite someone over to your house. You would hope that person would respect your home. I am guessing that you would appreciate it if said person asked before getting food from your fridge, or watching your TV, or using up the last of your toilet paper. How would you feel if that person just raided your pantry and ate all your double chocolate Pop Tarts. What if that person fired up your XBOX and finish all your games and then saved it, so your couldn't go back and beat it yourself. What if they laughed at you about it, "Haha, I don't ever like video games." Bullshonkey!

That's how I feel. I try to be nice. I invite my sister to play some fantasy sports with guys. So, she goes and wins all but one of our leagues. Earth to my sister, you don't like football, please stop being so damn awesome. "I don't even like football, you all suck." Well thanks for reminding us. I should strap you down and make you listen to the audio version of Skin by Ted Dekker as read by Gilbert Gottfried.

Maybe that's a little harsh. Maybe just read by Fran Drescher.


The Von Urrich said...

Yeah! Thanks Amanda! I was gonna eat those pop tarts.

Amanda said...

I think I wouldve preferred Thr3e by Fran. I just want to hear her go "Princess!"

By the way, you guys really do all suck