Monday, July 24, 2006

Mutant League Poker

"Ref bashing on the Sixty Winers" said I.C. Nothing.

Have you ever noticed how online poker is free? Yeah so did I. There are a ton of free online poker rooms, all with Texas Hold em' and usually a few other poker variations available. There is never a shortage of people on most of the poker rooms. You can literally get on and be playing in under a minute.

You can go to:
and my favorite

All of which have hundreds, if not thousands, of players online at anytime of day.

So, why would anyone buy a poker video game?

The only reason I can think of is to have the graphics upgrade. The problem with poker video games is that they do not offer anything, other than graphics, that would make me want to purchase a copy.

When you play the free online computer poker games it takes barely anytime at all to get a 18 player game started. While it takes upward of 15 minutes to get a 6 player game started on the XBOX Live version on World Championship Poker.

Well, that put me to thinkin'. What would make a poker video game really worth 50 bucks?

What if you could cheat at a poker game?

What if you could call you opponent a cheater?

What if by calling your opponent a cheater, if he was indeed cheating, you could get in a fist fight with him, maybe even shoot him with a grenade launcher?

What if you could bribe the dealer?

What if you could beat up a dealer who has been bribed?

What if you were playing as zombies?

This is beginning to sound like one of the best games I ever played growing up, Mutant League Football.

In Mutant League Football you could bribe the ref, beat up the ref, and throw dynamite at the other team. All while trying not to step on a land mine on your way to the end zone.

Why, this formula could work for just about any sport.

Try Mutant League Baseball, Mutant League Tennis, or Mutant League Golf.

You could even try it with Sports you hate, Mutant League NASCAR, Mutant League Soccer, or Mutant League Competative Eating.

I would play all of these games.

The only Mutant League game I could think of that would suck is Mutant Leage Chess. I'm sorry but you just can't make chess fun to watch, even with land mines.


Stacey said...

Happy late birthday and congratulations on your engagement!

I've never played online poker but maybe sometime I'll have to try it. I guess first I should learn how to be a good poker player. :)

uderhood said...

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