Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stealth! Who Needs Stealth?

"Oops! I killed the Vice President!" said Fedge.

Me and my buddy Mark got together to play a little game called Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. A stealth action espionage game were you play Sam Fisher, a master spy and ping pong player. The point of the game is to sneak around all professional like and complete goals while keeping the casualties to a minimum. They do give you some freedom in how you complete the goals. You can either sneak around, avoid cameras, and crawl through ventilation shafts to complete your mission, OR you can run in and shoot up the place. Needless to say I usually prefer the shoot first method.

There are just a few problems with this technique. One, most everyone on the level has guns, and... They don't think twice about shooting back. For the most part the enemies on this game adopt my "Shoot First" method as well. Two, on occasion there are a few enemies they don't want you to kill. So, that's when you would use the non-lethal attack over the lethal attack.

Splinter Cell also has a Co-Op mode, where one of you plays as Sam Fisher and the other as well... Sam Fisher. Uhh... they could have spent maybe a couple more minutes figuring out how that works. I guess maybe he is a clone.

In the Co-Op mode you can lift you partner up to reach high places, or distract enemies so your clone can pass by undetected. Or... you both could run into the room guns blazing. (wink wink)

In one mission we were running into some embassy to interrogate the Vice President of some country. Well someone, and I'm not saying any names, walk up behind the Vice President of Walla Walla, or where ever he is from, and accidentally pulled the lethal trigger. I didn't mean to, and if you didn't know it's really hard to question a dead Vice President.

Well, that means we had to do the entire level over again. It took us about two and a half hours of playing time to finish the first mission.

I think it is safe to say that I am not cut out for the espionage career. Too many missions for me to screw up. Too many VP could get caught by an inadvertent lethal attack.

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