Friday, July 07, 2006

Not Reeve, Not Nicholson

"This is not really a review" said Fedge.

First off, Superman Returns is great. You will enjoy it, maybe. If you were a fan of the first two movies and not the last two Reeves movies, then you will be happy to know that Superman Returns ignores Superman 3 and Superman 4. The first clue of this is when you realize that Lois Lane has no idea that Superman is Clark Kent. Once you get over this small speed bump you will be ready to enjoy Superman Returns... maybe.

You see, every review I have read so far has one thing in common. "Routh is no Reeve." I am so glad every movie critic was there to remind me of this. I forgot completely that Christopher Reeve passed away. That's sarcasm if you didn't know.

We all know that Brandon Routh is not the same dude who was in the original films. If you go into the movie looking for an actor to do his best impression of Christopher Reeve, then you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for an actor to do his best impression of Superman/Clark Kent, then you are in for a treat. Routh is great at playing Superman and even better at playing Clark Kent. He plays Clark Kent like none other, that's right better than Chris.

Kate Bosworth is just as bad a playing Lois Lane as Margot Kidder was by the way.

Kevin Spacey is, as I suspected, perfect as Lex Luthor.

But, this is not really meant to be a review so to speak. What I really want to say is this. Why do movie critics compare Routh to Reeve? Routh is not playing Reeve, he is playing Superman. It seems everyone who loves the original Superman films will not except another actor playing Superman. Even if he is better suited for the role. There are some who may compare Gene Hackman to Kevin Spacey. In my mind there really is no competition. Spacey makes a better Lex Luthor. Spacey does not make a great Gene Hackman, and that's good, because he is playing Lex. I hope I am making my point clear.

Which leads me to Batman Begins 2 , which will most likely not be the title of the movie.

Joker is slated to be the villian in the next Batman movie. The Joker is by far my favorite comic book character. As most of us know the last theatrical portral of the Joker was played by Jack Nicholson. And while I agree it will be hard for someone to play the Joker better than Nicholson, I am not going to close minded about another actor in the role. The Joker can still be done better. I don't know how or by whom, but there is still room for improvment. I don't plan on going into the movie to compare the two actors. I just want to see how well the actor playing the Joker, plays the Joker.

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