Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drunk or Not Drunk?

My blog over the past few days has been really... strange. Some of the things I have said sound like the musings of a dunk vagrant.

Here are some examples,

"One of my favorite blogs to write was the one about the small town in Alabama that was completely over run by man eating late night Taco Bell managers."

Now I ask you, Drunk or Not Drunk?

How about this one,

"Then if I were a planet made out of butter pecan ice cream I would call myself 'Chester: The Planet made from Butter Pecan Ice Cream'. That would be so awesome."

Drunk or Not Drunk?

"So, when someone ask you 'Who would win in a fight, Neo or Obi Wan?', you can confidently say 'That Glove guy from Hamburger Helper."


I started another blog, because it makes me feel special. It's called The Steaming Pile. If you go there now, before I wise up and delete it, there is a really stupid story. I mean REAL stupid! Just me acting drunk.

Update: Fedge finally woke up. The Steaming Pile is no more. Don't worry, he will most likely do something really stupid and start another blog that no one wants to read.

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