Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The 50th Post

It's been a long a long hard road. This marks the fiftieth post on Dumb Stuff I Wrote.

While it is true that I wrote a few post that are no longer on the site and How to Run Someone Over and Not Get Caught, can hardly be considered a post. I still feel a sense of accomplishment. From here on out the blog should be looking up. I think I have learned a lot in the past 50 post. Like, not posting when you are drunk, and not putting icing on your wifes face when you know she normally wouldn't hit you in the face with cake in the first place. Otherwise you will just end up with nostrils full of dairy product.

In the past seven months I have written 49 post. Some of them good, others not so good. So, if you don't mind I would like to suggest some of my favorites.

I think the Mutant League Poker was my first good entry. I spent time on the other posts, but I feel that this one came off pretty well. It was one of the first post I wrote after thinking about it for a while, so it was written better than the post where I just sit down and start typing about any old crap.

Follow that up with Stealth! Who Needs Stealth?, which is me talking about playing a video game, but I still had fun writing it.

Then, there are the blogs about the restaurants I hate. Like, Letter To WHATABURGER, Calling In Sick, and Sackful o' Death. All of which were a blast to write. It's true that for the most part in these blogs I am just ripping off of Jim Gaffigan's comedy act, but I don't care.

One of my favorites is Who Would Win in a Fight? It is the epic tale of two classic gladiators duking it out.

If I had to narrow down the list of post you should never read down to three, I think they would be, For The Last Time, Let It Snow!, and Totally Dorky Complete. Really I am telling the truth, don't read them.

I feel that I have become a better writer since I stared this blog. When I go back and read the previous post I made here, I can really see the difference in the way I write. Granted, I am not an awesome word smith, by any stretch of the imagination. Some of my early posts really had some issues. I will also admit the some of the newer post have issues, but the new issues are just me not thinking before I sit down and write.

Where do we go from here? Well, I promise to continue to write post about any kind of crap that comes to mind. I also plan to continue pretending that there are thousands of people that read my blog. I swear I will live up to the standards that have been set in place here a Dumb Stuff I Wrote!, or my name isn't Norton G. Francenstiengulburgerhouse the third.

For the record, I would much rather eat at a place called "Francenstiengulburgerhouse" than Krystal's any day of the week.

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