Friday, August 11, 2006

Hitting the Pre-Season Slump

It happens every year in early August. Pre-Season Football!

As August was approaching, I found myself having, what I would call, a case of football withdrawal. When the season ends in February I get all sad and when the summer rolls around I get the shakes. "What am I going to watch on Sundays?" Lucky for me I met my fiancee this past football season. I was enjoying my time with her so much I forgot about not having football to watch.

But now it is August, and I have started looking into the Bucs rosters. I also started my fantasy football league. Well, needless to say, now I am looking forward to football season. It is just around the corner and I think we (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are going to have a great season. Not to mention the fact my fiancee likes football too. I love watching games with her, it just makes football season that much better!

I was really excited yesterday to watch a pre-season game between the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams. Around this time of year I will take any football I can get. Except that every year I get reminded that pre-season football is boring.

Indianapolis kicked the ball first. Since pre-season games are meaningless, the Colts decide to kick an onside kick right off the bat (the Colts recovered the football). Peyton Manning only got one series, in which he drove down the field like he was playing against a high school team. But, after that it was a yawning good time. The Colts signed Shaun King this off season and I wanted to see him play, but it was halftime at 10 o'clock. That's my bed time! I don't gots time to watch a football game that nobody cares to win!

I got an idea! Why don't they give the winning team a free ice cream party after a pre-season game? Then they can force the losing team to eat WHATABURGER. I bet the teams would play hard then. I mean eating at WHATABURGER would keep your football team from playing at full strength for weeks.

There are still some teams I would really like to watch this pre-season. I don't know how much of Reggie Bush we are going to see this season. I would love to watch him play in an exhibition game. The same goes for Matt (that quarterback from USC who's name I can't spell) and Vince Young. Of course, a chance to watch the Bucs would be great as well.

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