Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lazy Bones and Subway

Man I'm a slacker. I take so long to update my blog.

I can't eat at Subway, and I love sandwiches. When I worked in lawn maintenance the Foreman of the crew loved eating veggie subs from Subway. Needless to say we ate there multiple times a week. But that is not really why I can't eat there anymore. It has more to do with the smell that people get on themselves when they leave Subway.

I first noticed it when I was working at the bookstore. There was a Subway near by and my co-workers ate there often. After they took their lunch break, I would be working next to them, that is when I would ask "What is that smell?" It turns out every time someone I worked with ate at Subway, they would have an odor that followed them around, and it wasn't gas.

It got to the point I could tell if someone had eaten at Subway just by the smell they brought with them. I started noticing it in bookstores, library's, and restrooms across the city. The last time I ate at Subway, I had a low-carb wrap. When I left I had that "Eat Fresh" odor on me. That was the last straw. No more Subway for me.

Which leads me to this, unless there are no other sub restaurants in your town, there is no reason to eat at Subway. If you have a Publix, Larry's Giant Sub's, or a Hogan's Heroes near by, you will get a better sandwich and no extra odors.

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