Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Madden NFL 07 and Babel Fish

Please stop e-mailing me, you imaginary people. I know it has been a week since I blogged for yo ace. So what? I'm busy!

But I'm back now, and just in time for Madden 07.

Usually, the first thing I do with my brand new copy of EA Sports annually pro football release is to play one game against my friend Nesto. He picks the Falcons, I play as the mighty Bucs. When Nesto and I play each other, I normally win 75% of the time. Most of the time by a slim margin.

This year was no exception.

I am getting ahead of myself. If you didn't guess already, Madden release at 12:01 this morning and Nesto was the first one in line to buy our copies. Last night/this morning makes my fourth midnight video game release I have been to (Halo2, NCAA Football 06, NCAA Football 07, and Madden 07.) Last night was by far the most fun I have had at one of these functions. It is a special thing to find a small store filled with video game/NFL dorks. I dorked out for an hour with other fellow Madden fans. That was great fun, but there was a woopin' that needed gettin' done... I think that was the worst sentence I have ever written.

After snatching up our games, we headed over to Nesto's, booted up the XBOX, and fired up the HDTV.

We picked our teams, and we were off.

The Falcons won the coin loss and elected to kick. That's when the Bucs did the unthinkable. They went three and out and punted away to the Falcons. Mike Vick was efficient and scored quickly through the air. After the extra point and ensuing kick-off, the Bucs learned from there first possession, and promptly went 3 and out again. The Falcons scored quickly again, making it 14-0. The Bucs were able to rebound and tie the game up before halftime. You know what? I'm just going to skip ahead, because I'm lazy and you don't really want to read a recap of two dudes playing a video game.

It was the 4th Quarter and the Bucs were down by 3 scores, Falcons had control of the football. Ronde Barber was quiet most of the game until he intercepted a pass that he returned for a touchdown. The Falcons had the ball after the kick-off. Vick made the mistake of throwing it in Barber's direction again, Ronde returned another INT for a TD. The teams were knotted up. Somehow, and I don't remember how, the Bucs scored another touchdown in the forth quarter to take the lead. Not to worry, because Vick came right out and tied it up with a scoring drive of his own. It was time for OT.

Now, I have never had a score like this in Madden, specifically against Nesto, but going in to OT it was 70-70.

The Bucs won the toss and elected to receive. Chris Simms added to his already huge 400 yard game and drove his team down for the winning touchdown. The Bucs retained the title.

Those of you who are still reading, I thank you for humoring me. I know what I wrote today was boring and dumb. But this is "DUMB STUFF I WROTE!" What did you think you were going to get? A Pulitzer Prize winning essay?


Babel Fish is a translation tool you can use for free. It is great fun to take a blog and translate it from English to German, then from German back to English. Below is the very same blog you just read, translated in such a fashion.

Stop please e-mail I, you conceited people. I know that it was one week, since I for yo As blogged. So which? I am busy! But I back now am, and straight quite-show to make you 07 moved. Normally annually profuse ball release a play friend Nesto mean approximately to play the first thing, which I do with my brand-new copy I/O of the sport, are. He selects the falcons, I plays as the powerful Bucs out. If Nesto and I play us, I normally win 75% of the time. Most the time by a thin side edge. This year was not an exception. I receive before me. If you not already estimated, make this morning moved for release with 12:01 and Nesto was first in the line to buy to our copies. Last night/this morning forms means fourth midnight video game release, which was I (Halo2, NCAA football 06, NCAA football 07 and make 07.) moved yesterday evening was by far most fun, which I had had with one of these functions. It is a special thing, to a small memory to find filled with videogame/NFL dorks. I dorked one hour long with other companion moved make out fans. That was large fun, but there was woopin ', the necessary getane gettin '... I think, which was the worst sentence, which, I had at all written. After we snatched up our plays, we precede more rueber to Nestos, loaded up the XBOX, and up the HDTV fired. We selected our crews and we were out. The falcons won the coin loss and select, in order to step. That is, when the Bucs did the inconceivable. They went to three and out and stocherten away to the falcons. Mike was efficiently and fast counted by air Vick. After the point of extra and the following Kick off the Bucs learned there from the first possession and went immediately to 3 and out again. The falcons fast again counted, it 14-0 forming. The BucsWAREN in the situation to recoil and the play before half time to bind above. They know, what? I am fair going jumping over in front because I am lazy and you would not like to really read a recapitulation of two Gecken, which played a video game. It was that 4. Quarter one and the Bucs were down by 3 notches, falcons had controlling of the football. Ronde gentleman hairdresser was calm at most of the play, until he intercepted a run, which he returned for a Touchdown. The falcons had the ball after the Kick off. Vick made the error of it in the direction of the gentleman hairdresser again throws, to ronde returned others, which are for a TD INTERNAL. The crews were geknotet above. Somehow and I remember as, did not count the Bucs another Touchdown in far quarters, in order to take the line. Do not worry themselves, because Vick came to the right out and with a counting drive of its bound it above. It was time for OT. Now I never had a notch, as this was going inside, specifically against Nesto moved to make, but, inside to OT, it 70-70. The Bucs won throws and selects, in order to receive. Chris Simms added its already very large 400-Yard-Spiel and drove its crew down for the attractive Touchdown. The Bucs kept the title. Of you, that are calm measured value, I thank you for the giving way I. I white that which I wrote today was boringly and mutely. But this is "MUTE MATERIAL, which I WROTE!" What did you think you were to be received? A Pulitzer Prize attractive attempt?

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