Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4400 Ways to Spend Your Tuesday Night

"Don't hate me because I invented the sponge!" said Fedge.

Today is May 23rd 2006. Not a big deal to most people. I mean what happens on Tuesdays? Most commercials I watch tell me that Tuesdays are the most boring day of the week. I would beg to differ. Anyone who enjoys music or movies know that Tuesdays are new release days. Today is a special day for new releases because 4400 Season 2 comes out. The first season was only 5 episodes long and left me wanting more.
I don't really watch television series until they come out on DVD. Then I usually rent them from Netflix. I am going to buy 4400 without seeing it because I have hope that it is going to be good. Since I have only seen 5 episodes, I know that the best parts of the story have yet to been told, and that the writers have not already used up all there good ideas (*cough* Alias *cough*).
So tonight my oldest friend Scott is coming over, and we are going to watch 4400 till our eyes fall out. Woot!

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