Tuesday, May 30, 2006


"Intense" said Fedge's sister.

The X-Men fans of America have now been split up into two groups of people. Those that hate X-3 for not going by any formula that can be found in the comics and those that love X-3 for being completely unpredictable.

Brett Ratner is not as good as a director as Brian Singer. The acting by the second rate characters is not as good as the previous movies. The music is not as good as the previous movies. The fact remains that the story in X-3 is better than any story in any super hero movie to date. Why? Because about half way through X-3 you realize that your precious little comic book heroes are not safe. X-3 separates its self from the comic books by telling the story it wants to tell. I have heard of fans ripping on the movie saying "It is not true to the comics." That is what is so great about it. I had no idea what was going to happen. I didn't feel safe thinking that they couldn't do this or couldn't do that.

The movie definitely has its issues. All the new characters except Beast are poorly developed. You see very little of Angel, Juggernaught, and Multiple Man. There is a good bit of Shadowcat, but not enough to really feel like the character is done as well as possible.

Then there is the dialog. Two parts of the film come to mind. When Xavier is explaining how Jean Grey survived what happened at the end of X-2 and Wolverines inspiring pep rally right before the final battle. I am reminded of Star Wars Episode 3.

The story is so good that even with all the bad things about the movie, X-3 still shines bright. If this is the last of the X-Men movies then I am very happy with what has been given to us. It helps that I went into X-3 with the lowest of expections.

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