Friday, May 19, 2006

All is Right in The World

"Blah Blah Blah" said Fedge.

These 3 things I know, and they are all good.

  • New Mario Bros.

Is the best side scrolling platformer to come out since Super Mario 3.
What Nintendo has done is taken all the best elements from there previous Mario games, mashed them and smashed them into one great title. On top of that there is plenty of new stuff added in to keep it innovative. Not to mention that's it pretty to look at. The 2D/3D hybrid idea has been used successfully before in other DS titles, Mario Kart for example, but not quite like this. It is so well done and so great to look at. Bowser looks outstanding. New Mario Bros. controls like a Mario game should. Responsive and intuitive. Jeffy Likes.

  • Stadium Arcadium

Is the best Red Hot Chili Peppers album to date. Nearly all of the 28 song on this double disc delectable delight are not only good, but amazing. My girlfriend will testify to me walking around the kitchen singing songs from the album. It's not really amazing that I am singing around her, I do that all the time. Usually the songs I sing are songs I made up in my head on the spot. I mean who could forget hits like "I Like to Eat Butter Straight", "That's not Lunch, that's a Grenade!", or even "Getting Stuck in the Dishwasher isn't as Fun as You Might Think". All of which are great songs, but none of them compare to the goodies awaiting America on the new Chili Pepper album.

  • I am the Luckiest Man on Earth

When I said in my last blog that I was dating the best woman in the world I was not joking. She is going out of town next week and I am going to miss her. I love how she encourages me, goes to bookstores with me 2-4 times a week, prays with me, cooks for me, and gives up her free time for me. Oh yeah, and she is beautiful. Yeah it's sappy, but I don't care. I'm too happy to care if you think I'm sappy. Hey that rhymes.

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