Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Perfect Cast

"I would make a great Wonder Woman!" said Fedge.

With X-3 coming out on Friday, I got to thinking about the perfect cast from previous superhero movies. A perfect cast to me is when you find the one person who can play a certain character better than anyone else. Lets begin with the X-Men Movies.

First is the no brainer.

Patrick Stewart/Professor Xavier:
I was thinking when I was 11 that there was no one better to play Xavier than Captian Picard. I mean the bald head, the well educated speech, and the fact that he looks just like Xavier. Again NO BRAINER!

Alan Cumming/Nightcrawler:
There might be someone else out there that could have played Nightcrawler, but no one I know of. Its just to bad he is not in X-3

Even though I haven't seen it yet I'm just going to say it,
Kelsey Grammer/Beast
Since no one really looks the part, it is easier to take liberties with who you cast to play Beast, all you really need to worry about is how he speaks, and Grammer is exactly who I would cast.

Moving on now to Spiderman.

Alfred Molina/Doc Ock
I mean just look at the guy! He talks like Doc Ock, he walks like Doc Ock, and he... uh... chews his steak... like Doc Ock.

J.K. Simmons/J. Jonah Jameson
I will never see Simmons act again and not think J.J.J.

Now Batman

Jack Nicholson/Joker
I don't think I even need to say anything else.

That is the only perfect casting from the Tim Burton/Joel Poo Maker era.

Christopher Nolan directed one Batman film so far and in doing so out casted them all.

Michael Caine/Alfred
I am a little biased, because Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is one of my favorite movies ever. That and Michael Caine can deliver a bad line like "Why do we fall down? So we can pick our selves up." better than anyone else.

Liam Neeson/Ra's Al Ghul
They didn't fool me. I knew Ducard was Ra's, just because Neeson looks the part.

Cillian Murphy/Scarecrow
Murphy plays dark and pompous as well has Cillian, plus he looks like Dr. Crane.

Christian Bale is the best batman yet, buy I wouldn't say he is perfect. Still, he is pretty close.

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