Monday, May 22, 2006

Day Two!

"Watch as the amazing Fedge eats is own forehead." said the ringmaster.

Today (Monday) is the second day that my girlfriend is in N.C. I holding up OK, but I still miss her a lot. I have made a point of doing tons of stuff with my friends like going to the midnight showing of X-3, watching the second season of 4400, and vandalizing our local Arby's. Even causing property damage can't keep me from missing her. I do talk to her everyday so it's not all bad.

Thank You for Smoking!

Yesterday me and my buddy Von Urrich went to see Thank You for Smoking. A dark comedy about a lobbyist for big tobacco. If I were to sum up the movie in one word it would be "Funsturbing". Thats funny and disturbing... uh... nevermind. Anyway, that best part of the movie is the way it shows debates and arguments for what the are, "Who ever talks the best wins". It's not about being right, its just that everyone else is wrong. Through out the whole movie there is no one painted in a positive light. There is no redeeming quality in any of the main characters. Everything works out for our "Hero" but that isn't exactly good for everyone else. Once again Katie Holmes is horrible, which is fine because you are meant to hate her character. Most of the things you laugh at, you will later realize are not funny at all, they are disturbing. NOT 8MM disturbing, but not really funny either. I still enjoyed watching the movie, but I won't see it again.

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